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Petrando Richard

I’ve been doing quite some SVG related works, including simple tracings, and  programming. I’ve been using Snap SVG in the past, and since i’ve tried d3.js, and looked at a lot of wonderful examples here, i was immediately hooked, and decided to dwelve deeper into every single d3.js example i can grab all over the internet, which is a whole lot, by the way 😀

And I’m a PS4 gamer at my spare time.

Skills :

Main Skill : d3.js
I’ve been practicing creating data visualizations for the web about 9 months or so i think? So d3.js is my strongest point.
Other Skills:
Since d3.js visualizations will be displayed on browsers, naturally I also have some basics at other related knowledge such as HTML, CSS, basic javascript and SVG. And, most recently, WordPress.

This game Rocks!!



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