Stacked Barchart : Age Ranges of Indonesian Provinces

The application of stacked-to-grouped barchart technique example from here, applied to display age-ranges data of population of some provinces in Indonesia.

Hint : at first glance, this my looks like an ordinary bar chart, however, this is actually a stacked bar chart in a sneaky disguise! Just choose the ‘Gender’ option to see how it means….

Hover on bars to display data. Use the controls to choose province to view, to choose bars view by total (the ‘All’ option), or by gender (the ‘Gender’ option). While the ‘Gender’ option is active, you can use click on the ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ legend rectangle on the right to plot/choose a single gender. Use the ‘Sort’ checkbox to sort bars.

Note : please notice that this view may not display the correct, most recent data. This is only a demo of how the visualization using d3.js stacked-to-grouped barchart technique works, it is not meant to be a complete reference of Indonesian population data. (Aside from the fact that i've forgotten the link to the original source of the data.. 😀 )

My original, full-size graph can be found by clicking the button below :

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