Facebook Topic Visualisation

I asked a question on a facebook group : “Is a very strong understanding of CSS important for web programmer?” Here are the visualised result of the discussion.

The barchart represents people comment. Hover/touch it to see the comments. The bubble represents people emo-reaction, try touch/click them. ‘Search Participants’ is self-explainatory.

Search Participants

Nested Stacked Barchart : Indonesian Civil Cervants (2007-2012)

Ever heard of stacked barchart? Well, this one is on another level…

This is a nested stacked barchart, aims to visualise the body structure of the Indonesian Civil Servants, which is consists of ranks, sub-ranks, men and women.

Hover/touch the bars to display informations. Play with the controls : Rank, Sub-rank and Gender. Use the Sort when available, when it is not (that is when ‘Gender’ is currently checked),click/touch male or female legend on the right before sorting.

Experiment with the controls : do you understand the body structure of Indonesian Civil Servants after playing with them?

Choose Year Data :

Graph by :

Note : experimental, still not perfect.
The fullwidth version of this graph is here :

And the Indonesian version of fullwidth view here :

Pyramid Barchart : Indonesian Age Range and Gender

Pyramid bar chart displaying side-by-side comparison of age-ranges within genders of population of some provinces in Indonesia. This is an alternate view of my previous work here.

Hover on bars to display data. Use the controls to choose province to view, to choose bars view by total (the ‘All’ option), or by gender. Use the checkbox to sort bars.


My original, fullwidth view of this graph can be found by clicking the button below.