Nested Stacked Barchart : Indonesian Civil Cervants (2007-2012)

Ever heard of stacked barchart? Well, this one is on another level…

This is a nested stacked barchart, aims to visualise the body structure of the Indonesian Civil Servants, which is consists of ranks, sub-ranks, men and women.

Hover/touch the bars to display informations. Play with the controls : Rank, Sub-rank and Gender. Use the Sort when available, when it is not (that is when ‘Gender’ is currently checked),click/touch male or female legend on the right before sorting.

Experiment with the controls : do you understand the body structure of Indonesian Civil Servants after playing with them?

Choose Year Data :

Graph by :

Note : experimental, still not perfect.
The fullwidth version of this graph is here :

And the Indonesian version of fullwidth view here :

Normalized Stacked Barchart : Browser Usage Statistic

Normalized stacked barchart is similiar to ordinary stacked barchart, only that it displays data in percentage, instead of the usual bar-height-by-value.

This example shows browser usage statistic from 2002 – 2016 (sorry, no 2017 data just yet – this section has not been updated for a very long time, gotta remember this!). The data is from w3schools.

Hover on bar segment(s) to display data, use the slider below to choose year data.

I found it easier to hover on the smaller bar segments if the view is wider/larger, as you can see by click below.

Stacked Barchart : Age Ranges of Indonesian Provinces

The application of stacked-to-grouped barchart technique example from here, applied to display age-ranges data of population of some provinces in Indonesia.

Hint : at first glance, this my looks like an ordinary bar chart, however, this is actually a stacked bar chart in a sneaky disguise! Just choose the ‘Gender’ option to see how it means….

Hover on bars see tooltip. Play with the the controls to choose province to view, to choose bars view by total (the ‘All’ option), or by gender (the ‘Gender’ option). While the ‘Gender’ option is active, you can use click on the ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ legend rectangle on the right to plot/choose a single gender. Use the ‘Sort’ checkbox to sort bars.

For full view, click below :