British Monarch Family Tree : Force Directed Graph

Force-directed graph application to visualize british monarch family tree, from Queen Victoria to the current Queen Elizabeth II’s grand-children’s children.

Interactive British Monarch Family Tree screenshot

See this visualization in action, click the button below :

Update (Tuesday,9/19/2017) :


  • Since it is already announced, i also add the will be born Baby of Cambridge, the third child of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to the family tree.
  • A bit of re-touching to the interactivity.

Update  (Friday, 9/22/2017):

Attempting to display the succession line to the British throne, i think the coding is a bit redundant, but you can play with it, nonetheless. Click on the current Queen Elizabeth II photo node to display the succession line.

Growth Domestic Products of Nations : Bubble-Force Chart

Bubble Chart is easy to understand : it is a chart describing data using bubbles / circle. The radius of the bubble – circle usually reperesents the measurement of the value of data.

As a rule of thumb : the smaller the bubble – circle radius, the lesser the data value, the greater the bubble, the larger the value.

This visualization is describing the Growth Domestic Products of various nations around the globe.

Update (Monday, 9/18/2017) : Now with sort function! Just try the ‘Sort’ checkbox! 😛 (Note : there seems to be a minor bug here at the blog version, while it works just fine in the Fullwidth view version. Hopefully can fix this soon….

Bubble Size by :

Color :

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