Facebook Topic Visualisation

I asked a question on a facebook group : “Is a very strong understanding of CSS important for web programmer?” Here are the visualised result of the discussion.

The barchart represents people comment. Hover/touch it to see the comments. The bubble represents people emo-reaction, try touch/click them. ‘Search Participants’ is self-explainatory.

Search Participants

British Monarch Family Tree : Force Directed Graph

Interactive Family Tree of the British Monarch, from Queen Victoria to the current Queen Elizabeth II’s grand-children’s children.

How to use : 

  • Mouse scroll/finger pinch to zoom.
  • You can drag the tree.
  • Use the ‘SEARCH’ function to search any family member.
  • The ‘RESET’ button on the upper-left for reset tree zoom and positioning.

The above is just a screenshot. To explore this one of my most exciting visualisation, click below. Now responsive for mobile devices:

Growth Domestic Products of Nations : Bubble-Force Chart

Bubble Chart is easy to understand : it is a chart describing data using bubbles / circle. The radius of the bubble – circle usually reperesents the measurement of the value of data.

Note : if the controls aren’t working, try use the ‘Data By’ control first, it should go back to normal. Sorry about the bug.

Bubble Size by :

Color :

Data By

As a rule of thumb : the smaller the bubble – circle radius, the lesser the data value, the greater the bubble, the larger the value.

This visualization is describing the Growth Domestic Products of various nations around the globe.

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