Dark Souls 3 Classess : Radar Chart

According to definition from source :

A radar chart is a graphical method of displaying multivariate data in the form of a two-dimensional chart of three or more quantitative variables represented on axes starting from the same point. The relative position and angle of the axes is typically uninformative.

..enough with the seriousness, let’s discuss some fun facts đŸ˜€

First : I’m a gamer. I own a PS4 console and I’ve been a long time veteran of the Demon Souls and Dark Souls series. If you are unfamiliar with those terms, those are famous stellar game title(s) released exclusively for the Playstation platform.

After enjoy playing the game (and enjoy being killed over and over again :D), I thought to myself ‘Hey, why not doing some chart on my own favourite game title?’. And since I do own the hardcopy of the game, it is easy to obtain the data for the chart : just start the game,  go to the ‘Create New Character’ screen, then voila! The data i need for my new beautiful visualization…!

Second fun fact : why radar chart?

Since a friend introduced me to the famous ‘Naruto’ anime series a while back, I’ve been enjoying it a lot. It is funny, hilarious, deeply serious and action-packed, all at the same time.

If you are the  boring serious type of person who doesn’t know ‘Naruto’, well, it is a series of japanese anime – cartoon movie about a ninja kid named Naruto Uzumaki who was born in the ‘Hidden Leaf’ ninja village.

Hated by almost the entire villager because of his past, seemingly harbour a hidden unlimited source of ‘chakra’ or ‘chi’ within his belly, Naruto strive to become the ‘Hokage’, the leader, the strongest ninja and the protector of his village.

Now hold on, how can a ninja cartoon movie has anything to do with web programming, more specifically with data vizualisation on the web?

I’m sure you know that ninjas specializing in spying and information gathering, right? Let us see a screenshot from Naruto movie :

Yakushi Kabuto with ninja info cards

This is a ninja named Yakushi Kabuto, he is holding some ninja info cards in which are written various informations and stats about ninjas, enemies and friends alike. With these information, he will then define the strategy to deal with every other ninjas…

Now, what is the ninja info card looks like? Here is a card info on Naruto :

Naruto info card

Here is another card on Naruto’s friend and rival Sasuke :

Sasuke info card

And another, of Sakura, Naruto’s friend and childhood crush :

Sakura info card

Notice the bottom of each and every card? That’s right, those are radar chart! The ninjas are actually using radar chart to define the strategy to gauge their enemies strength and weakness, plan properly, and thus, achieve victory!

Ninjas are the grand ancestors of Data Visualization application!

Ok, bad joke. Ahem.What i was trying to tell you is that the Naruto anime series is the one which inspired me to do radar chart visualization.

And since the Dark Souls 3 title features various character classes, each with their own base strengths and weaknesess, I just thought it may be suitable to do radar chart on them, as you can see above.

Hint : at the edge of the character polygons are the stat nodes, indicated by different cursor if you hover on to it. Click it to display stat specific information….

For the fullwidth view, click the button below (desktop only).

Ninpo : radar no jutsu…!

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